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When a manufacturer revises a product we adore, it’s always going to go one of two ways. Luckily, in relation to the Spendor A6Rs, the result's all just right.

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The Award-winning Spendor A6 speakers from 2009 were given a makeover, with giant adjustments together with a new mid/bass drive-unit and a re-engineered crossover.

You’d never know it to look at them, although, as they preserve the similar compact, understated design as their predecessors.

There’s a lot of the A6 appeal in those new speakers. The musical ability is very a lot still there, and the A6Rs show a willing passion in making any song you throw at them feel right at home.


They installed a superb efficiency across the frequency range, showcasing an incredibly deep and punchy low finish alongside an expressive midrange and an in depth, refined treble.

Each appears like a well-judged a part of an entire, slotting in combination completely to provide a well-balanced, coherent pay attention.

This is in no small section all the way down to that new 18cm mid/bass motive force, which uses materials evolved for Spendor’s much pricier D7 speakers.

Detail is 2d to none too, and there's layer upon layer of subtlety and positive detail to clutch onto.

Notes have depth and measurement, nuances are picked up in all their glory and vocals are conveyed with the entire reality and emotion with which they were recorded.

The original A6s had been never dynamic slouches, however the A6Rs display every other stage of dynamic attack that outshines even our Award-winning PMC Twenty 23s.

They stay a strong take hold of on bouncing basslines, with a low finish that’s each punchy and agile enough to keep up with the power found in other places within the frequency vary.

Listen to Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball and the A6Rs do a super process of contrasting the robust choruses against the quieter, more depression verses.

They’re not fearful of going quiet both, something that really makes the entire difference when building momentum in a monitor.

And simply attempt to fluster them – you’ll briefly to find it’s subsequent to unattainable.

From giving them full-on orchestral items to ceremonial dinner on to difficult them with one thing like DJ Shadow’s beat-shifting Organ Donor, they by no means lose their cool or composure.

Their prematurely personality does require some attention on the subject of device matching, even though.

The treble stayed simply at the proper facet of vibrant and aggressive when we were trying out them with our reference Bryston and Naim package, however matching with a similarly ahead amp may tip the size into hardness – one thing value taking into consideration should you’re building a system from scratch.

The Spendor A6Rs are an improbable pair of audio system that set up to take action much proper and very little improper.

They won’t pass as loud as one thing just like the Tannoy Precision 6.4s, however they’ll cross lovely close challenging for scale and stereo symbol.


Of direction, this all comes at a top rate that places them against the highest of the price bracket compared with their competition.

Audition them, even though, and also you’ll hear where each penny of your money goes.

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