Quad L2 5.1 review | What Hi-Fi?

There's rather a lot to enjoy concerning the present 5.1-channel device primarily based round Quad's smaller L-series audio system. Uncovering plenty of element, the bundle delivers the breathless pleasure demanded by means of a movie reminiscent of take a look at favourite The Island, while packing quite a lot of punch and affect.

Integration is very good, too – the satellites deliver cast surround sound, while the sub merges in properly, coming to lifestyles when necessary. The package is adept with song, too, boasting refinement and subtlety.

So there's a wealth of positives, however we do have misgivings. Perhaps unsurprisingly, taking into account our ideas at the 11L2 stereo pair, we do find the top finish a bit shiny. A few glass-shattering moments within the War of the Worlds remake saw the check group wincing as one, whilst other brutal bits of action can in finding the Quads in a difficult and vicious mood. The package wishes careful partnering; vibrant electronics from Rotel or Pioneer must be avoided – Arcam could be much more appropriate.

Not somewhat the all-rounder
It's a quick, musical, well-integrated sound, however its brightness and consequent want for particular partners approach the L2 5.1 can't quite match the iconic standing of its predecessor.

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