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No company has carried out as a lot in the twenty first century to convey the vinyl message to the people as Pro-Ject.

That by myself is enough to grant the Czech specialists a spot in our hearts, however the truth that its turntables have generally sounded best means we expect great things from the Genie 3.

Changes over the Genie 2 are subtle. This new player has a new motor and better motor stability, because of a transformed base.

The tone-arm is an upgraded S-shaped design, and initial quantities of the Genie 3 might be supplied with Ortofon's 2M Red cartridge ahead of reverting to the extra prosaic, but equally succesful, Ortofon OM3E.

With a heavyweight urgent of Neil Young's Tonight's the Night spinning, the Genie 3 wastes no time in demonstrating why many of us believe vinyl to be probably the most enjoyable of codecs.

Competent around the frequencies
Low frequencies are warm and weighty, the midrange detailed, textured and alive with nuance, and treble sounds crisply considerable.

Timing is unforced and natural, integration first-rate and the soundstage specific and easy to grasp. There's a fluency to the presentation that a in a similar fashion priced CD player can't match.

Shortcomings? Only that the Genie 3 sounds completely as vivid as you wish to have it to, so some rather careful gadget matching is in order. Other than that, though, the Genie 3 is a highly likable creation to the delights of mid-Twentieth century generation.

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