Melco launches its most affordable SSD music library to date

Melco Audio has launched its first mid-range SSD-based virtual music library, the N50, comprising the N50-S38 (in silver) and N50-S38B (black). 

Handcrafted in Japan, the all-new N50 benefits from a 1.7mm-thick full-width chassis, an IEC power inlet with noise filtering, plus classic Melco minimalist styling. Improvements to the previous design include an enhanced mainboard with a specially selected 3.84 TB SSD drive coupled to a new SSD cradle, plus a new dynamic PSU that guarantees 25 in line with cent more output. Re-engineered isolation toes are also integrated.

As with all Melco digital music libraries (such as the five-star N100), the N50 utilises the company's remarkably simple person revel in. Crucially, the rear panel includes four specific USB ports: USB 3.0; Expansion and Backup, plus a dedicated USB DAC output ready to connect USB DACs, USB DAC-equipped amplifiers or lively speakers.

Said ports permit USB units to attach and function without to any extent further configuration, together with importing or playing music from memory units, HDD/SSD drives and CD drives (aka CD rippers), capability expansion with the Melco E100 or different storage drives, and simple back-up to HDD/SSD drives.

The back panel also comprises twin Ethernet ports, which offer a dedicated ‘Player’ port in addition to the LAN port in a bid to minimise undesirable noise on the music signal and present network audio players with an instantaneous, high data-integrity connection. The N50 can also be connected to a streamer (by means of Ethernet) using the player port, or used as a neighborhood player with the devoted USB DAC output.

The N50 also boasts an OLED display with push-button control, plus Melco’s Intelligent Music Library suite comprising MinimServer and SongKong instrument. It could also be Roon Ready, DSD compatible and offers app keep an eye on by way of DLNA/UPnP (in USB DAC mode) with support for Tidal, Qobuz and vTuner streaming. Qobuz Downloader and also permit direct high-res downloads without the desire for a computer.

The Melco N50-S38 (silver) and N50-S38B (black) are to be had now, priced £4999 ($5499, AU$6999). One for the Christmas record... 


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