Arcam FMJ A49: New integrated stereo amplifier comes to the UK

The A49 – described as the corporate's first Mega-Amp – is a high-end, Class G integrated stereo amp that is said to be capable to handing over 200W consistent with channel into Eight ohms and 400W into 4 ohms.

It additionally delivers up to 50W according to channel in Pure Class A, with the A49 expected to be accompanied by way of the manufacturer's matching C49 preamplifier and P49 energy amplifier in the coming months.

MORE: Arcam A49 stereo amplifier – designed in the UK, built in the USA

Features of the A49 additionally include an onboard PSU for Arcam's range of rSeries products, at the side of dual mono volume controls and a balanced sign trail all the manner thru the amplifier.

Arcam says: "There have been great strides made in improving audio sources and loudspeakers in recent years and the time is right to match them in the field of amplifier design."

And now pilot production runs have been finished, Arcam showed full-scale deliveries are to start here in the UK with the A49 available to purchase from a variety of shops for £3750.

Arcam without a doubt has a wonderful pedigree when it comes to stereo amps, with its A19 named certainly one of our Products of the Year at our Awards 2014. Meanwhile, the A39 put in a formidable performance in its fresh What Hi-Fi? appearing.

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