Mordaunt-Short Avant 902i review | What Hi-Fi?

If you need to shop for in reality succesful price range standmounting audio system with the absolute minimal of fuss, chances are you'll make a decision to keep away from the 902is.

This is without doubt one of the perfect value-for-money speaker designs round, however there's just a bit bit more care wanted when matching your device to these dynamic, musical Mordaunt-Shorts than is the case with their glaring opponents.

Let's care for that caveat. The brilliantly crisp, assertive best finish sparkles and shines, but doesn't take an excessive amount of encouragement to cross the road into tough/brilliant territory. If you have got an amplifier that is not shy about coping with the prime stuff, the Avant 902is are no doubt to be avoided. However, everyone else will have to dive in, as a result of they are fab.

Proof is in the pudding
With Scott Walker's 30th Century Man playing, the 902is time in point of fact neatly, marshalling a natural tempo, and integrating voices and tools lovely seamlessly. Plenty of good element is on show, with the 902is confident, assertive voice being superbly judged.
Bass frequencies are tough, cast and straight-edged, and manfully face up to blooming even when parked too as regards to a rear wall. Never tiring, and all the time enticing, the Avants relish recordings of all kinds.

There's an ocean of area around Nina Simone's sultry voice right through That's Him Over There, and if you select to spin a quite extra energetic music, comparable to Bloc Party's Little Thoughts, they display a more playful aspect, with a spirited and sparkling performance. Dynamically and rhythmically, you'll be able to be hard-pressed to seek out fault.

If pushed, they could be criticised for his or her reasonably enthusiastic treble, but this would not be an issue until you matched them with electronics in a equivalent vein.

Beyond their sheer, exuberant musicality, the 902is are more-than-adequately made and daintily horny. Spend the additional couple of minutes to match them moderately and they would possibly not disappoint you.

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