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This has been a favourite system of ours for years, and we will be able to perceive why KEF would possibly have idea the '3005SE could remain so at £1200.

It may have, too, had been it no longer for the arrival of the B&W MT-25. With £246 between them, the selection was reasonably straightforward. Now the KEFs are all the way down to £1000, it is the rest however.

This device's largest energy is its 3005 satellites, and particularly, the Uni-Q driving force that is living within the centre of each and every one.

Stunning dispersion
It's this driver that creates the device's surprising dispersion, making sure each and every speaker blends seamlessly with the following, regardless of room dimension or how shut you're sitting to the speakers.

If this makes it sound as even though the supply may well be a touch at the obscure facet, perish the idea. The centre speaker is just a little larger than the rest of the satellites, and it uses a pair of additional drivers to extend the clarity and directness of its midrange.

What this implies is that, when you play an action scene, you get spot-on ambient noise and encompass effects which might be recommended seamlessly around the room, however with out dropping any of the discussion.

Smooth and refined
Still, although it's thrilling, the KEF machine doesn't slightly have the attack of its B&W rival. The upside of this is that it's more clean and refined, and refuses to be baited into harshness via even the brightest partnering kit.

The HTB2SE subwoofer goes deeper than the B&W's ASW608, too, making for a extra authoritative and weighty delivery that provides additional scale to important Hollywood blockbusters.

A slightly of tubbiness creeps in every now and then, and it is usually much less agile than the dinky '608, making the system somewhat less fitted to song than the MT-25, however that extra intensity will probably be considerable repayment for many film fans.

And that, in a nutshell, is what makes this this type of difficult take a look at to call: each and every system has its strengths, each and every is more fitted to different situations and source subject matter.

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