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There used to be a time when Dynaudio dominated these portions. It was unstoppable, armed with a really perfect components for pretty listening. That was years in the past, however, and whilst the corporate has persistently put out superb works, we were familiar with more.

Well, it appears to be like adore it is time for a comeback, as a result of that’s what you get with the Dynaudio Emit M10: more.

You get slightly of everything here. Versatility, transparency, energy, precision, scale and quantity: you identify it and the Emit 10s deliver in spades.

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We start with the spectacular transparency and bags of element, which help to provide context into the performance’s atmosphere.

In a hall, on a stage, in a studio, without or with air conditioning (on the subject of The Sopranos soundtrack) – it's reasonably apparent what sort of surroundings and acoustics you’re paying attention to, with production tactics laid bare.

It’s a lively listen. The Emit M10s have a masterful take hold of of rhythm, and what you get is more precise than the rest offered through the B&W 685 S2s or Quad S-1s. Give them one thing challenging they usually simply lap it up.

Major Lazer’s Pon de Floor is a messy obstacle path suffering from various rhythms and dynamic shifts, and these Dynaudios breeze through it with agility and panache.

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They’re versatile too, capable of slowing right down with out missing a beat. We transfer between Dusty Springfield, Nina Simone, Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana and Prince.

Whether you want mischief, depression or menace, the Emit 10s exhibit an impressive ability to mold themselves for any instance.

These speakers are not afraid to specific themselves both. The detail and precision lend a hand with their enunciation, but you additionally get sturdy, free-flowing dynamics. If it’s a hard-hitting, passionate sound you’re after, you then’ve got it.

If you wish to have quantity, you’ve got that too. You don’t want it, on the other hand – the sense of power is always there, even at decrease volumes.

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The Emit M10s are a compact design. At 29cm tall they're barely larger than the Quad S-1s, and yet they have the size, energy and dynamics to rival the larger B&W 685 S2s.

It’s now not simply scale, however organisation too. Not simplest do all the tools get a number of house, they are additionally impeccably arranged in some way that provides the efficiency a sense of intensity. And regardless of the huge and deep soundstage, the entirety works in combination in a cohesive unit.

All of this comes naturally, like a maths prodigy bashing out trigonometry: we’re now not positive how Dynaudio has done it, but we are astonished by way of the ease with which impressive results have been achieved.

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Is there a catch to all of this? Not really. In terms of sheer scale we predict the B&W 685 S2s still have the merit, however this is of little fear when the Dynaudios are ahead in every different division.

It’s now not simply the sound, both. We in reality like the look and construct high quality of the Emit 10s, which make the B&Ws look slightly affordably made. They’re also simple to set up (simply give them some area) and unfussy with partnering apparatus.

We’re in reality suffering to say anything bad right here.


It can have taken a couple of years, nevertheless it seems like Dynaudio is again in great shape.

Put it all in combination and you have some tremendously talented all-rounders, capable of giving out layered, intricate, versatile sound that we can't believe simplest prices £500.

Whether you’re beginning out in hi-fi having a look to improve, the Dynaudio Emit M10s must be for your list.

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