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The Bowers & Wilkins PV1D is the successor to B&W’s multi-Award-winning PV1, the ‘D’ denoting a digital improve that allows you to fine-tune the sub with quite a lot of EQ options.

Accessible via an OLED display plus a touchbutton interface fixed at the central band of its enclosure, the DSP each optimises the PV1D’s overall performance and lets in for some extent of user-adjustable equalisation to suit different applications.

For example, should you wish to have to make use of the PV1D in a 2.1 configuration, it provides preselected EQ modes to help integrate it with any one in every of six different types of B&W speaker.

The PV1D’s pressure devices (2 x 20cm) and amplification (400W) have been tweaked too, and the outcome, says the corporate, is a sub with all of the pace and agility of its predecessor plus really extensive additional bass extension.

The DSP device helps lengthen the sub's low-end capability, the use of dynamic bass EQ to watch the quantity of low-end spice up delivered to verify both the amplifier and power gadgets stay of their 'convenience zone', and likewise gives user-adjustable equalisation to suit other packages.

In addition, you can connect the PV1D to a Windows laptop the use of its RS-232 socket and a cable supplied. This permits using B&W's SubApp – available as a loose download from the company's PV1D support page – to get deeper into the subwoofer's settings and configure it from the listening place.

In use it’s deeply impressive: watch the teach ruin from Super 8, and the PV1D maintains keep an eye on at crashing volumes, whilst handing over ample detail, punch and attack.

Precision is paramount, and also you really feel the big wallops.

Right now, this in reality is the subwoofer to beat.


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