Sonus Faber Liuto Monitor Wood review

There are few issues classier looking in hi-fi than a Sonus Faber speaker. Irrespective of whether the emblem's conventional leather and wood combine appeals, there's no denying the glance is as luxurious as they arrive.

The positive information extends to the construct, which is even more cast and polished than the associated fee point suggests. These audio system will have price another grand more and we still would have been inspired.

It could also be exhausting to tell from the accompanying picture, but the Liuto Monitor is a fairly small unit. It stands simply 35-cm high and includes a aggregate of 15-cm mid/bass unit and 25mm comfortable dome tweeter.

As with many of the direct pageant a reflex port is used to music bass efficiency, in this case it is a rear-firing one. Ports are so commonplace because they allow the speaker to provide more bass for a given cupboard size and make stronger sensitivity.

Certainly, the Liuto produces more bass than its small stature suggests.

So a long way not one of the Liuto's basic engineering sounds in particular special, but as with maximum high-end merchandise it's the main points that topic.

Well-behaved cupboard
In getting these main points proper the company's engineers have produced a neat, mechanically well-behaved cupboard that provides the force gadgets a company and well-damped basis to work from.

Those drive gadgets may not boast any flashy cone fabrics however work seamlessly together.

Unlike most speaker manufactures Sonus faber additionally pass to the difficulty of constructing a good devoted speaker stand for its monitor.

The £499 stand is not cheap, but is composed of heavy most sensible and backside steel plates held together by means of wooden pillars, and it works brilliantly.

Normally, stands made by speaker producers tend to be an afterthought, made for advertising quite than sonic causes. Not right here. The Liutos performed higher on their dedicated stands than any choice we tried, together with Partington's in a similar fashion–priced and rather superb Heavis.

Running-in time
These audio system take the best a part of per week to run-in correctly, and it's important that any pair you pay attention to were given that time another way they're going to sound vibrant, thin and somewhat un-involving.

Once in a position those are beautiful speakers. They're rapid and articulate, casting out a valid of impressive concord around the frequency band.

These speakers are at their substantial best possible when requested to produce acoustic instruments. They work a charm with an previous mono recording of Miles Davis's Birth of the Cool the place the speaker's agility, lightness of touch and impressive low-level dynamics come to the fore.

The similar strengths are similarly obvious with higher scale symphonies reminiscent of Tchaikovsky's No.6, but right here they are coupled to an impressively expansive sound level that pleases with both its scale and layering.

The Liutos are fairly fussy about positioning and paintings absolute best nicely away from all partitions and (in our room a minimum of) with a strong amount of angling towards the listening position.

Do this and you'll be able to be greeted with a sonic image of great solidity and scope. The manner these speaker challenge the sound is a significant power and it implies that once correctly set-up the Liutos simply ‘disappear' within their well crafted sound level.

Move to digital track and those standmounters are less assured. If the likes of Eminem or Tinchy Stryder are a large part of you musical vitamin the Sonus faber's quite soft deep bass and loss of rhythmic precision will tone down your enjoyment a touch.

These audio system aren't dangerous in these respects, however they are behind the class leaders.

Lacking in neutrality
The Liutos don't seem to be probably the most neutral audio system we now have heard at this value level both – in a similar way priced ATCs and Spendors get nearer to that ideal- however their presentation remains even enough to persuade.

There's much to appreciate in these Italian displays.

We can not see somebody disliking their construct or enthusiastic strategy to track replay. If you listen predominately to vocals or acoustic instruments those audio system would make a nice choice.

If now not, there are better choices for the cash.

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